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The best visual drag & drop Prestashop mega menu builder which is 100% made with Ajax, you can manage your menu quickly and visually. Mega Menu PRO is not just a powerful Prestashop mega menu module, it's an idea creation tool!


Amazing Visual Drag & Drop homepage Prestashop slider module for your website. This module helps you quickly create a beautiful slider for your homepage with HTML5/CSS3 transitions and revolution technologies


  • Visual Drag & Drop homepage Prestashop slider builder module:  This is the complete visual slider builder module for Prestashop with easily manageable backend which is fully integrated with jQuery Ajax technology. You can do everything without reloading the web page.
  • Fully responsive Prestashop slider:  Multi-layer slider PRO is 100% mobile friendly which means that the slider can be displayed perfectly on all types of end-users devices (iPhone, Ipad, Android, Laptop ...) and all screen sizes.
  • Flexible layout:  Multi-layer slider PRO supports both fixed size slider (boxed layout) and full-width slider, it also provides "Auto size" slider type which is extremely flexible for a website with a custom theme installed.
  • Multi-language Prestashop slider:  Multi-layer slider PRO works on multi-language websites, you can easily translate your slider content from the backend.
  • RTL layout support:  Multi-layer slider PRO strongly supports RTL languages (Eg: Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac ...). You can choose your homepage slider on RTL and LTR layout with available options.
  • 500+ Google fonts:  select your loved ones fonts collection in just 1 click, the font is automatically imported into your homepage and display perfectly on your website frontend.
  • 100+ HTML5 / CSS3 transition effects: Multi-layer slider provides a large collection of HTML5 / CSS3 transaction effects for your slides and layers.
  • Optimized performance (excellent loading speed):  This slider is optimized for the fastest speed for your slider on the frontend.
  • Import and export slider content: "Import / Export" feature helps you easily import or export your slider content slider images, text, custom CSS and configuration
  • SEO optimized:  Multi-layer slider is optimized for SEO (Google, Bing, Yahoo ...)
  • Custom color, custom CSS:  This module provides custom color options which help you change your slider colors in 1 click. It also supports CSS, which is useful and useful when you want to make specific changes to the slider look.



  • Visual drag & drop  Prestashop slider module
  • Multi-layer Prestashop slider module
  • Fully responsive homepage slider
  • HTML5 / CSS3 transitions
  • 100% backend is implemented with ajax (no page reload guaranteed)
  • SEO optimized (all html tags)
  • Auto size, full-width and supported boxed layout
  • Multi-language
  • RTL layout supported
  • Custom color options
  • Easily Export / import slider data
  • Custom slider dimensions (width and height)
  • Auto play / manual navigation mode
  • Enable disable running status bar
  • Paused when hover option
  • Loop option
  • Enable / disable loading icon option
  • Enable / disable "Next" / "Prev" slide buttons
  • Enable / disable slider pagination option
  • Custom CSS, custom color, custom size
  • Slide image background
  • Slide color background
  • 100+ slide transition effects
  • Custom class
  • Enable / disable slide option
  • Add, edit, duplicate and delete a slide using Ajax without reloading backend
  • Ajax sortable: order slides by drag / drop
  • Custom time parameter for slide transition effect
  • Multi-layer types: Text / HTML, image, button, link, text with background
  • 500+ Google fonts
  • Layer drag / drop feature
  • Add, edit, duplicate and delete a layer using Ajax without reloading backend
  • Custom font size, font weight, family font, text decoration, text transform, padding, border radius ...
  • Custom text color
  • Custom layer background color
  • Custom link
  • Custom layer position
  • 100+ layer transition effects
  • Custom time parameter for layer transition effect
  • Export slider data including text, image, custom CSS and configuration
  • Import slider data in 1 click
  • Option to override data slider when importing

What your customers will like

  • Attract more customers to your site by Installing this  Prestashop slider unit  to your website
  • Helps your customer easily imagine your website features
  • Professionally organize your homepage with this layer slider module

Support and updates

You automatically get 3 months of support for this product.

For 90 days after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support.


This module can be easily installed in 1 click as other standard Prestashop modules



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